A Place By Me

on Sunday 3, October 2010

At one of the most desperate times in Moses’ life, he cried out to God not to desert him but to give him his constant presence and protection.  God’s reply was, “There is a place near me.”

When the children of Israel were about to cross the Jordan River into the Promised Land, God spoke again of a ‘place’ where he would meet with them.  In Deuteronomy 12, this ‘place’ is mentioned eight times.  God says it is a place where he will put His Name—a place of rest, of blessing, of inheritance, a place of worship and rejoicing.  At that time this was to be a geographical location.  Later the place was revealed in the person of Jesus Christ.  He is ‘The Place by Me’, which God spoke about to Moses.  Jesus said, “I am The Way, I am The Door, I am The Fold.”

Hopefully all of us have had awesome encounters with God—benchmarks that have altered to course of our lives, or altars that have been erected, much like Jacob did at Bethel and again at the river Jabbok where he met God face to face.  In Revelation 2 the Holy Spirit exhorts the whole church at Ephesus to remember the heights of their relationship with God and then to repent and return to that place of first love. 

I believe there is a place within the heart of God where he desires to take us—a place deeper and more intimate than we’ve ever known—the secret place.  Let him draw you there.  Desire it!  His invitation is still open: ”There is a place near Me.”