Becoming True Disciples

on Sunday 9, January 2011

One day Jesus was walking along the Jordan River where John was baptizing people.  Looking up John said, “Look, the Lamb of God!”  At these words, two of John’s disciples who had heard him left the crowd and followed Jesus.  Many others heard John’s declaration that day but only two followed.  Something in the heart of Andrew responded to those words, and he soon became one Jesus’ first disciples. 

The term ‘disciple’ is familiar to Christians, but what does it mean to be a disciple of Christ?  What is the evidence of true discipleship?  First of all, it requires a decision born out of an intense desire for relationship.  The word actually means pupil or follower, and it is made up of 2 parts – ‘dis’, meaning apart and implying separation from, and ‘capere’ meaning to hold.  These first followers of Christ made a choice to leave and cleave—to open their lives to imitate the One to whom they had devoted themselves to follow.

Much like Jesus’ followers today, they came from all walks of life.  Our culture and position in life are not significant, nor are they qualifiers to being a true disciple of Christ.  The only criteria is an open and willing heart and a desire to have Christ implant his likeness there.