Being Fruitful in Season

on Sunday 12, September 2010

I love the natural change of seasons, especially when the heat of summer gives way to the cooling temperatures of fall.  I think it must be one of God’s ways of focusing our attention on the fact that change happens and it’s okay!

We all pass through various seasons in our lives.  Someone once said to me when I was facing a difficult time, “And, it came to pass.”  And pass it did.  Whatever season you are in, each season has its own special joys and challenges.  And each season can be fruitful.

One day Jesus came across a fig tree with no fruit.  His reaction seemed rather harsh, “May you never bear fruit again!”  Is it possible that if we continue to refuse to bear fruit in our ‘off seasons’ it could become more and more difficult?  The lesson Jesus was trying to teach his disciples was that of faith.  The seasons of our lives can often war against our faith.  This can result in our failure to produce the sweet fruit of the Spirit—love, joy and peace!

Psalms 1 gives us a picture of a healthy tree planted by streams of living water.  This tree yields fruit in season and it prospers.  Paul told Timothy, “Be fruitful in season and out of season.”  That’s a challenge for us as well.  Whatever season you are currently passing through, be fruitful.  It’s what the Spirit has empowered you to do.  Allow the Holy Spirit to mature His fruit in your season.