Fully Abandoned in Worship

on Sunday 18, April 2010

I recently heard a message by Robert Stearns comparing the worship of the church to the worship that occurs in our modern day society.  As a culture we can become easily obsessed and fanatical over sports teams, celebrities, and causes.  We shout, jump around, and frantically wave our arms, flags, or signs that communicate our passion.  Some even strip off their shirts and paint themselves blue, all in support of a team or individual, but in church we can be strangely silent.

I often wonder if we truly had our eyes opened and understood who it is that we worship, and what he has done for us—the power of his grace and forgiveness, the depth of his love—how we could ever sit still or stay in our skin.

Psalms 149 and 150 command us to praise the Lord according to his excellent, surpassing, and unequaled greatness.  These Scriptures exhort us to use everything and anything to do this—dancing, shouting, rejoicing, singing, and all kinds of instruments.  Whatever we have to offer, we are to celebrate the Kings of all Kings and the Lord of all Lords because of the worthiness of who he is.

“Let the high praises of God be in your mouth.”  Abandon yourself in worship to him with unlimited, unrestrained, and fanatical praise. HE IS WORTHY!