Prepare the Way of the Lord

on Sunday 12, December 2010

It is quite amazing to me that after 2000 years, most of the world still celebrates the birth of Jesus.  And rightly so, because he came to give us life.  Preparing for Christmas can be challenging—all the shopping, cooking and decorating, to say nothing of the extra celebrations like school programs, office parties, friends and relatives from out of town—all to commemorate the birth of Jesus.  In order for me to successfully make it through all the additional activities, I make a lot of lists so I will be prepared for December 25.  It’s all about the preparation.

One day a rather unusual man appeared on the scene and lifted his voice and began to cry out, "PREPARE THE WAY OF THE LORD!”  Jesus was coming, but without a deep repentance and heart change, the people would not be ready.  This wasn’t about a few gifts under the tree.  This was about life and death.

We, the Church, are now that voice.  To be more specific, you are that voice calling out in a wilderness of self-absorption, ”Prepare! Jesus is coming!”  In all our busy running about, we must not forget our need to be the voice of reconciliation, salvation, comfort and joy to a lost and dying world.