Unity Through Love

on Sunday 1, August 2010

The entire book of Ephesians is about our relationship with God and with each other.  He delights in us—His people—and His purpose is to “display His wisdom to the unseen rulers and authorities through the rich variety that is His church.” (v.10)  Any influence we have over principalities and powers and the spiritual authorities that rule our city comes from our unified connection and function as the Body of Christ.  We cannot sever that connection.  Without it we are powerless.

You can hear Paul’s heart-cry and his intense desire in his words as he writes this letter to the church in Ephesus.  The word “together” appears seven times in these six chapters.  The heart of our Father is that together we would understand His plan – that together we would be strengthened by His power – and that together we would be rooted and established in His love and become a place for the display of His Glory.

So, how are we doing?  It seems to me that the bottom line here is LOVE!  Our understanding and comprehension of God’s love for us, must flow into and be shown to the other members of the Body.  The blood flow–or love flow–brings life.  Jesus said this one component—observing our love for each other—would convince the world of their need for salvation.  Wow, God’s plan is amazing!  He loved us, so we could love each other, so the world would turn and love Him.  Lord, help us to love!