Worship in Everyday Life

on Sunday 11, April 2010

The Scriptures are filled with beautiful pictures of people whose lives brought glory to God and caused those around them to become more aware of Him— Abraham, Moses, Daniel, the three Hebrew children, Esther, and the Apostles — just to name a few.  Hebrew 11 says that all these were ‘commended for their faith.’  What else can bring more praise and glory to God than a life lived daily in uncompromising faith?

One of the most beautiful acts of worship is recorded in Luke 7, when a woman who was a known sinner entered the house of Simon and proceeded to wash the feet of Jesus with her tears.  She was a woman scarred by life, but Jesus received this act of worship and said of her, “She who has been forgiven much, loves much.”

Tradition says that the tears she shed in this act of worship were representative of the pain in her life and of her past.  And the alabaster box represented her future since it contained ointment, which every woman reserved for her wedding night.  In this act of worship, she offered to the Lord both her past and her future — her whole life.  The fragrance of her offering filled the house.

O Lord, let my life be an act of worship to you everyday.  May the fragrance of my life fill my home, my place of business, and my community.  And may I point all who know me to the God of my salvation.