'For Refreshing'

August 4, 2019

Sunday 4, August 2019 - One of our greatest human challenges is how we see ourselves in the light of God's grace. This is a critical balance. In Romans, the apostle Paul exhorts us not to think of ourselves more highly than we should (not promoting ourselves or…READ MORE»

July 28, 2019

Sunday 28, July 2019 - In Ephesians 3 the Apostle Paul once again expresses his passionate love for these new believers. He says, “I want you to know the unknowable.” That is, the width, depth, length, and height of the love of God. We so often struggle…READ MORE»

July 21, 2019

Sunday 21, July 2019 - The Apostle Paul refers to the transforming Gospel of Jesus Christ as a mystery, which was hidden in God from the beginning of time. This mystery is that through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, all those who embrace this precious gift of life…READ MORE»

July 14, 2019

Sunday 14, July 2019 - In Ephesians 2:14-22, the Apostle Paul uses every word possible to communicate God’s desire to see his Church united. There is no room in the Kingdom of God for division...no room for anger, worry, doubt, or fear, and no room for compet…READ MORE»

July 7, 2019

Sunday 7, July 2019 - I love the way the Apostle Paul overemphasizes the phrases “dead in sin” and “grace through Christ” in Ephesians 2. Did you know that in the Old Testament individuals found grace?  The root of this word in Hebrew is to…READ MORE»

June 30, 2019

Sunday 30, June 2019 - The Apostle Paul's letter to the Ephesian church is filled with encouragement. You can hear the gratitude and enthusiasm in his words for these new believers. In Ephesians 1:15-23, he expresses his fervent desire for them, rejoicing in t…READ MORE»

June 23, 2019

Sunday 23, June 2019 - The book of Ephesians is all about unity. The Apostle Paul spent a good deal of his ministry with Gentile churches. The fact that Gentiles were being saved and embracing Jesus, the Jewish Messiah, was difficult for the Jews to accept.&nb…READ MORE»